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Havoc (Star fighter)

The Havoc possessed exceptional speed, armor, and shields, but her weapons were the true identifying mark of her success. Six powerful forward facing laser cannons, arranged three on each wing, had enough power to tear open all opposing ships that were unfortunate enough to get in the line of fire. A high-powered automated rotating ball turret mounted on the dorsal side of the craft could shoot at targets by itself when the ship's pilot was otherwise occupied. After the Battle of Naboo, Jinkins added a bank of concussion missiles, violent proximity mines, and cruise missiles.

Havoc's ventral surface.
Deadly as all these armaments were, they were nothing in comparison to the ultimate power of the Havoc: a concealed bomblet generator, capable of fashioning potent energy bombs by drawing from the power of the ship's reactor core. The original prototype was equipped with proton bombs that were released via two bomb chutes. However, after the modifications, the rather unstable bomblet generator could provide an infinite number of bombs for Nym's destructive needs. This was also supplemented with a charged bomb, called the plasma scourge, which was even more deadly. This generator was totally modular, allowing its safe removal for use in other craft when necessary.

The Havoc also possessed a small cargo hold, which was utilised by Nym when delivering blaster carbines.

The original Scurrg H-6 bomber design required a minimum crew of five: one pilot, a gunner for the turret, a secondary gunner, a navigator, and a demolitions expert in charge of the bombs. However, the intensive modifications wrought by Jinkins allowed Nym to fly the starfighter alone, with only two astromech droids as backup.

my 9 year old bro came up with these (genius)

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