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Luxury Catamaran


Hello reader

Thank you for viewing my Luxury catamaran, I decided to build this project just to pass some time, and also because I love boats (and Lego!) My inspiration came from a few incredible catamarans I saw on the internet so I decided to build one myself out of Lego. I have tried many times before but this one seems to be my best attempt, I do not have a wide variety of wonderful shapes of Lego so the boat has turned out rather simple.

As you can see from the photos added I tried to include as many interesting features as I could, for example: it has both a large front and back deck for the Lego guys to lounge on. I also ensured the roof could easily be moved for access to the cabin, this includes a galley, a small dining area and a place to sit. Beneath the deck at the back I also included a double bed bedroom with a small en-suite. 


Thank you for reading and viewing, and please support my creation.

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