Product Idea

Nokia 3310

It's a recreation if an iconic phone from the past. It's build as a prank, but it turned out to be looking so good I feel like submitting it on ideas! I tried to recreate it as good as the original phone. Using the same colors and shapes. I haven't put any stickers on it yet, but of course that would be an option. Also I was thinking about putting a snake sticker  on the screen to make it even better! But for now I just kept it clean without any stickers. The weight is actually a bit less then the original phone, but apart from that I do believe it does look quitte similar! 

I did build it because I used to have one myself. Phones have evolved over the last few years into smartphones. They got better camera's, better screens etc... but I still remember my old phones battery life. A whole week wasn't a suprise! It was just amazing! So as a tribute to my old phone, I decided to build this iconic blue one! And I think I didn't do a bad job on it.

this would be a great set next to some other nostalgia sets. The new nintendo set for example.
Its just taking me back to those years when I was growing up. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!
I think many AFOL's would love this set, I really do!!