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Space Ship (green)

This green spaceship it about 1 foot long, contains 100-200 bricks approx, and has no relation to star wars atall. Yet again this project that was created by me before i descovered lego cuusoo.

From this image you can see the cockpit and this image also shows that the cockpit opens. inside the cockpit there is a seat, a control panel, and it is perfect size for a minifig.

the pic above shows how the wings fold out into 'battle mode'. this meganism is simple but effective.

this pic of the rear end of the ship shows the decorative boosters. i would like to mention the diamonds on the wings and the front. i would love to hear which colour of diamonds should be used, as i have put on random ones. so please comment on the colours thnx :)

please vote for my project if you like it. and leave loads of comments as i need feedback. thnxforreading this, and happy building :-)

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