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LEGO Owl Project


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The LEGO OWL Project

Please support this amazing, high-detailed set. It looks brilliant on desplay since it has similar features to the LEGO BIRDS set that came out in 2015. It has been far too long since LEGO have released a set that is so realistic as the LEGO BIRDS and this one. 



This set comes with 3 lovely owls and 3 detailed stands. All the owls attatch to the stands and can move forward and backward slightly. The feet adjust to the position on the stand. The heads turn all the way around with no problems. All owls are solid and stable, there are no technical inner parts that may weaken them. The Long-Eared Owl and the Tawny Owl share simialar head designs whilst the Barn Owl has a very different tecnique. The name labels are the same piece, font, font size and colour as they are in the LEGO BIRDS set. 


Tytus alba (Common Barn Owl) -

This is the first one I made. It has a lovely colour scheme and the shaping is nice. It sits comfortably on the fence post and its tallons adjust to the position nicely. It has a mix of different greys speccled across the wings and head. The fence post has some grass growing around it and there is also a mouse that the owl is hunting. It shares the exact same style base plate as the LEGO BIRDS set has - Simple but effective.


Asio otus (Long-eared Owl) -

This is the center piece and the first owl that I created. It has a majestic head design with the 'ear tufts' pointed up as if it is on alert. The colour scheme is more vivid than the barn owl and it has the classic glaring orange eyes. It sits comfortably on the log and its feet grip on perfectly. The log has a nice shaping and there is some moss growing on one side. The other side has two woodland style toadstools to add extra detail.


Strix aluco (Eurasian Tawny Owl) -

This is the last one I created. It is nicely shaped and the colour scheme is just like the actual Tawny Owl. The owl's head moves all the way around the same as the other owls' heads do. The lower-half of the body is simialar to the other ones but with different colours. It fits nicely in to the tree stump and is secure enough not to fall but loose enough to be lifted out. The tree stump itself has a slightly rough feel to it. It is growing a leaf on the front and two on the back. Overall this owl looks nice in its habitat.


Why should you SUPPORT?

Please support this project, I almost guarante you will like the deisign. I spent a long time designing it and It will take less than a minute to support. Unless you apsolutely hate owls there is no reason why you shouldn't support. If you think of any improvements, feel free to suggest them in the comments. And be sure to check the updates section for anything I would like to add. It's up to you now... PLEASE SUPPORT!


Other suggestions by Master Logray:

Since this is my first big project, I do not know if it is me or LEGO who design the packaging if the set gets through. If I could suggest anything for the deign, I would quite like a simialar box to the LEGO BIRDS set. I think the wooden printing on the box suits the set well. I would also like some information about the owls themselves in the instructions. After all, the reason I made this set was because I like wildlife and I think this is a good way of getting more people into animals and conservation.


Remember to check the updates if you are interested and support if you haven't already!




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