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Falk FXC1


May i present to you, the ultimate hypercar: the Falk FXC1

This monster of a car features a removeable twin supercharged, quadturbocharged V12 which can only be described by a quote that Jeremy Clarkson uses frequently, which is ''POWERRR!!!

It has horizontal quadexhaust, two wings that can be changed, one that's extended for more downforce and one that's retracted for higher top speed, a nascar style spoiler for an even higher top speed.

The interior is simple, yet elegant with the help of a lot of black bricks to make it look like leather and carbonfiber, and features a flappy paddle gearbox, handbrake/E-brake, cupholders and racing seats.

In the front there is two titanium fuel filler caps, a boot/trunk with vents on top and space for... things, and in the middle there is two gullwing doors as well as nascar style roof flaps.

It has carbon ceramic brakes on all four corners, and nine spoke alloywheels.

The rear features a diffuser, space for a licence plate and vents that surrounds the rear lights

This car is inspired by Formula 1, Nascar stockcars, other hypercars and supercars from the 70's and 80's

the cars includes 915 bricks and is 10 studs (8 cm, 3,15 in) high, 16 studs (12,8 cm, 5 in) wide without the sidemirrors/wingmirrors, 20 studs  (16 cm, 6,3 in) wide with the sidemirrors/wingmirrors and 35 studs (28 cm, 11 in) long

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