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French Bulldog


      Hi! My set I want to upload is a French Bulldog head I built. It would look good for a room model or, you can add a body! I love French Bulldogs so much. That is the reason I came up with it! I had no idea I could build it until suddenly, while I was trying to build something else I noticed that the shape I was using LOOKED like a French Bulldog! I took everything apart and built the French Bulldog! I think this would make a great set. 

1. It will have a reasonable price 10-15$

2. It will be a great model

3. It would be good to add a body on to 

4. It might be a good supply of white and light brown bricks

5.It would be fine to buy two but most LEGO sets you only buy one

6. If you love dogs,you might love this set!

P.S I am working on making a mini part of mars with an alien and U.F.O! 

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