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Choco the Chocolate Easter Bunny

With Easter being upon us I wanted to move away from Christmas for a while and present to you Choco the Chocolate Easter Bunny. For years many kid couldn't wait to open his/her Easter Basket just to get to the Jelly Beans and of course Choco boxed in a box with a plasticine "window"! Well a couple of Easters ago I opened my Easter Basket and found this a LEGO Chocolate Easter Bunny named: Choco! Here you see him with a modified version of LEGO's Easter Bunny and an Easter Chick and an Easter Duckling of my own design flanking Choco's Box!

3/4 side view note the rear label just like a real box

3/4 view the other side

CHOCO a close up! Now that LEGO has made eyes the white 1x1 tile with printed eyes they could substituted and used instead of the 1x1 white brick with stenciled eyes. They'd be placed on two brown lantern bricks !
Have you noticed his pink bow tie?

top view of box! Please visit my MOCpages entry on this one for more detailed views!

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