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Freightliner® FLC 120 (Giant Truck)


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Because I didn't want to spend over £350 on a 5571 Black Cat (and because I was expecting to spend a lot of time at home over the winter), I set out to design a worthy successor. I ended up building this model of a Freightliner® FLC 120 (after the mid-life facelift when the headlights moved into the wheel arches). No, I'd never heard of Freightliner either. I picked this truck out from a webpage of classic trucks, appreciating its understated styling. I thought the design lent itself well to Lego with the flat bonnet, three-part grill and relatively pointy nose (pointy enough to use wedge bricks). I hope truck fans (those people who had already heard of Freightliner) will recognise the engine as a Big Cam Cummins®. Altogether, it's almost 2600 pieces. 

Things I'm particularly pleased with:
  • A double hinge mechanism for the hood which avoids having a visible hinge at the bottom of the grill
  • My solution to the 'Lego door problem': using panel pieces mounted on a slightly recessed cabin wall to cover the gap
  • The doors for the sleeper and side storage, even if they do look a bit like bunker doors
  • The AirLiner® airbags in the suspension system (represented using tyres), even if they're barely visible in the pictures
  • Space-wings as wing-mirror supports
  • The rear suspension springs (non-functioning)
Things I'm less pleased with:
  • The windscreen is the one from the Mustang with a would-be print - I didn't even try to make brick-built columns. The FLC windscreen should actually be a bit triangular with the centre column jutting forward.
  • The main dashboard: only 4x1 studs at this scale. The two biggest dials will have to suffice. The real thing has a dozen smaller dials too.
  • The piping from the air filters had to be moved back and down so it didn't clash with the hood structure which is disproportionately thick.
  • I still want a Black Cat

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