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Ford Mustang GT


Throughout the years, the Lego Group has continued a series of larger scale cars, such as the Volkswagen T1 Camper Van and the Lego Groups most recent, the MINI Cooper.  My idea continues this series with Ford Motor Company's Mustang GT.

As you may be able to see, this model I made does not quite match a real Mustang GT.  But please remember, if this model were to become an actual Lego set, it would be redesigned by a professional Lego Designer.

This model features several sideways build techniques, or, as some may call, SNOT.  These sideways build techniques are featured in the rear of the car, the front of the car, and on the sides of the car by the doors and also under the doors.

The interior of the car features four seats, a steering wheel, and a radio/air conditioning control panel.

Thank you for checking out my idea, and feel free to comment.  Also check out my other ideas.


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