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Self-Driving Transport Rig


This truck is a little bit different than the previous robotic rig I built. This truck is a little more compact, the trailer container being directly implemented into the wheel base. The container built onto it has a cooling assembly, as well as a radar system on the front. The rear doors provide a way to access the inside, and the side door can be opened to load larger objects.

This build actually started out as a motorhome, but I quickly found that it was a lot easier said than done. At that point I just let the thing build itself, so to speak, and here's what resulted. If there's one thing that could make this vehicle a little more realistic, it would be those tires, except cut in half, to make more normal-size tires.

The engine assembly on the bottom actually took about a half hour to configure, as I am a bit of a perfectionist. The AWD drivetrain was constructed first, and everything fell into place around it.

In case you were wondering;

The blue cylinder is a coolant housing.

The four valves behind the circular pieces is an electric actuator.

The silver cylinders next to the driveline is the gearbox and transmission housing.

Finally, the double-slanted plate on the bottom is supposed to the engine.


Top Speed: 100 mph (110 on downhills) avg.

Horsepower: 1200 HP

Torque: 1457 ft-lb.

Drivetrain: AWD

Engine: Razer Twin Turbo-Charged V10

Weight:  No cargo: 6000 lb.       With cargo: 6700+ lb.

Air-Ride Equipped



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