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French Station


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Inspired (and based off of) the famous Gare de Lyon in Paris, the French Train Station has everything for your minifigures' travel needs! Relax in the comfortable waiting area downstairs, or enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the  third floor cafe! 

Perhaps while you wait, the Orient Express might come steaming into the station ready to whisk you off to new adventures! 

Model Features 2,615 parts!

I built this model as half of a larger model of Gare de Lyon, by looking at pictures of the famous train station to gauge accuracy. Of course this model isn't exactly the same, but it still has some quirks! There could be two different types of clocks, either the flat 2x2 tile or the larger Town Hall style clock. Sadly, I couldn't include the large clock tower Gare de Lyon is famous for, because of the high piece count of the other half! 

I have purposely left the second floor empty, in a manner similar to the Pet Shop apartment, so that potential builders can fill it with whatever their imagination tells them! 

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