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Star Wars Cloud City


After waiting for LEGO to update 10123 Cloud City I decided to attempt my own recreation. I wanted to first and foremost design a play set that contained most of the major scenes from The Empire Strikes Back. Structurally, I decided to copy the design of 10188 and the newer 75159 Death Star since this provided a strong and stable foundation. The diameter of my creation is bigger than the Death Star but it is also much flatter in order to recreate the saucer shape of the official Cloud City. If you look at the side profile, you'll see how the lower half has a steep inverted slope, the midsection is a much more gradual slope, while the top floor continues the steep slope up to the "micro city" at the top of the saucer.

The design is intended to flow naturally so you can recreate the major scenes from Cloud City. Starting at the landing pad, there is a micro Millennium Falcon and the short walkway where Lando first greets Han, Leia, Chewie and 3PO. A doorway leads to the main concourse which has access to the elevator (same basic design as the Death Star) and the dining room where Darth Vader surprises our heroes. The remainder of the top floor contains the holding cell and an as-yet unused space.

Taking the elevator to the mid level drops you off in a hallway which leads to the "junk room" where Chewie finds 3PO after he was blasted in pieces and another door way which leads to the carbon freezing chamber. The carbon freezing unit is fully functional - a technic pin allows you to lower Han into the pit and spin him around to his frozen state. A functioning door leads from the carbon freeze chamber to the interior control room where Luke and Vader continue their dual. This room features the glasses window which "breaks" and ejects Luke. The next room is the walkway where Luke first learns the truth of who his father is. This section is open to the lower level and there is a simulated air shaft that Luke can fall through and leads to the antenna that he hangs from before being rescued by the Millennium Falcon.

The lower level is rounded out with the room where Han is tortured and a command room where the Bespin Guard can monitor the city.

This is still a work in progress for me but I'd say the creation is over 90% complete at this point. You can view a detailed video overview of my creation by visiting my YouTube channel: MrBookieboo.Thank you for taking a look at my project and for your support.

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