Star Wars Classic Ships II

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Hi guys,

So I really love the Star Wars Planets series, and want it to keep on going. I've been working on some of my other favourite ships from Star Wars, and here is my next group of three!


This Y-Wing took me ages to get to a point where I was happy with it, but I am sure you'll agree it looks pretty awesome! With its pilot it's a cool 65 bricks and should be great for any trench runs you might have.

Imperial Shuttle

Another one that took me a while to get looking right is the Imperial Shuttle. It uses some larger fins for the wings so its block count is only 54 bricks, but I think this looks pretty good. This design lets you fold the wings up for landing, or extend them for flight mode. And of course there is the Stormtrooper!


This was a tricky one, but I think the end design was worth the effort! My A-Wing set rocks in at 62 bricks for this zippy little number!

Thanks for taking a look at my designs, and if you like these, you should also look at some of my other work here: