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Modern art gallery and museum

This museum and art gallery is a stand alone building and would not be part of the modular series. After its construction, I realised that it actually bears some resemblance to the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate, Kent. The bottom level of the museum is reminiscent of a piece of Mario Botta architecture. Update 18/08/2013: 14 supporters now and counting, many thanks for your support and many thanks for your very helpful comments! I have changed the main picture so you can see the building in its entirety!

This creation has 3 main galleries, a small gift shop and a small cafe spread over 5 levels, including a rooftop observation area. The building also includes detailed staff areas (inspired from my own experiences working in a museum) which include a cataloguing area, a photographic studio and a curators office. This could be aimed at a point in the market between the historical looking modular buildings and the more modernist, stand alone architecture sets.

I have used all of the pieces from the Green grocer and Fire station modular sets, as well as some of my childhood lego which has survived (noticed by the more heavily worn bricks seen in the photographs).

Ground floor with curators office to upper left of image, gift shop to upper right, toilets to lower left and a very small gallery and spiral staircase to the lower right. The staircases uses the blue slabs found on the floor of the Green Grocer set. Notice the croissant, beer and can of pop left on the shelf of the curators office. A job application sits unopened nearby.

Here is the main gallery, with a historical figure from an early nineties lego set to the top right, with a map illustrating where it came from, a shark, an old head from an early Lego figure in a display cabinet and a painting of a shaded ball (the top only visible in this picture). The photo studio and cataloguing desk is to the left of the image where a classy digital camera sits on a shelf with some lenses above an old film camera with flash.

Photographic studio from another angle, with an old Lego Spyrius figure being photographed for the museum's online catalogue. Note the lead leading from the camera to the flash gun and the giant ambient light in the background.

Level 2 (or 3) with a painting of Jake the Dog in the popular Adventure Time cartoon series and an old lego racing car on display. Above this level is the outdoor cafe and above that is the observation area with a tree installation.