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Little Blue Monster

Here I constructed a Hot Rod Show Truck. He gets the name, little blue monster. Here I especially like the combination of gold and blue. The chassis looks huge and beefy. There are two narrow fenders at the front and two wide ones at the rear. The exhaust pipes were attached to the side, below the driver's cab. The gray pipes and the gray air filter in front make a nice contrast. This hot rod has an open V8 engine with a supercharger. The driver's cab is kept very flat. Two seats were installed. The doors can also be opened. There is a display in the cockpit. Three taillights and a huge rear spoiler were installed at the rear. The front lamps were installed directly under the roof. I've also added a driver in a classic 1930s suit here. This set consists of 176 parts. I am sure this car is an absolute eye-catcher. I would be happy if Lego would support it.

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