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The Haunted Ruins


This construction we have carried out represents a ruin.

On the front we have a central portal that overlooks the entrance of the ruined building.

On the right side we can see a wall of collapsed wall covered with leaves. On the back we can see a skeleton so that bones and hieroglyphics ansi that a lot of vegetation.

On the left side we observe a facade accompanied by a balcony connected to the ground by a staircase, under the balcony there is vegetation as well as a window, there is also a net and a window that opens by tilting to the top.

Inside, we can see abandoned accessories such as treasure chests, a barrel, a gun and a boat rudder but no one knows what it comes to do there!

There are three ghosts scattered in ruin.

In this set there is also a 4 × 4 explorer, inside his chest a large case one can store tools, there are also two characters including an explorer equipped with a flashlight and a camera, and a cameraman with a camera.

That's all for this Halloween set !

I hope you enjoy !