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Mystery Box (Cuusoo Project)

Hello and thanks for your interest! This project is based on my original, much larger Mystery Box, which can be seen here:

There are about 1,600 parts used here. There is one main compartment and one "secret" compartment. I imagine this set as part of a Lego Puzzle/Brain Teaser product line with designs by different people.

It takes several steps to open the box, which can be seen in the video at the youtube link below. The video features the "4WD" Version of the box (an option to increase the playability factor).

Below you can see the open box as well as some alternate versions of it, including the "Girl Colors" Version (much thanks to the Lego Company for Lego Digital Designer!), the "Easy Spin" Version (with one wheel on each side), and the "Battle" Version (LDD). More photos, including photos of each step to open the box, can be seen at:

Thanks again for looking, and thanks for your support! Comments are welcome.

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