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Self-Contained Modern House


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Here is my second achievement with the LEGO Digital Designer program.
I love houses with a modern and refined style.
So I tried to orient this project on a contemporary house hoping that it pleases.

--- The description ---
Here is a new house, made by the biggest architect of LEGO city. This house is very bright thanks to these large windows and large bay window overlooking your garden.
This house is self-sufficient thanks to its wind turbine, its latest generation solar panel, its latest generation solar panel, its antenna that allows you to receive all your programs and its flat plant roof (all three rotate 360 degrees). It has a beautiful exterior finish thanks to these wooden planks nicely inlaid on the walls.
You are a rich businessman, or a trader and you come to buy the house of your dreams.
With your wife, you move into this haven of peace accompanied by your dog and your cat.
Your modern and very comfortable room will allow you to spend good nights.
A very complete and functional kitchen will allow you to realize great dishes.
In your sofa, you will be able to watch your favorite shows on your big screen ultra-flat last generation.
The two doors in the middle of the bay window slide on the sides. (Impossible to place the windows in the rails with the program, but is realized perfectly)
When the weather permits, relax in your sun loungers on your large wooden deck.
Party with your friends, and invite them to eat a barbecue!
Your large garage will accommodate your car that you have drawn by the greatest designer LEGO city.

Convertible modern style car with its long hood gives it a style very apart. look very sporty, it changes classics.
Your garden with its millennial tree is maintained by a renowned gardener in LEGO city
You just have to have fun!

This scene is composed of:
- 1 sports car
- 2, a woman and a man
- 1 dog
- 1 cat
*Interior accessories
- 1 glass coffee table
- 1 large sofa
- 1 chair
- 1 double bed
- 2 bedside tables
- A large flat screen
- 1 painting of grand master in the entrance
- 1 clock
- 1 stove
- 2 glasses
- 1 bottle
- 1 indoor vase with a flower
- 1 dining room table made of glass with 2 chairs
- 1 equipped kitchen
- 1 chicken in the oven
- 1 muge
- 1 casserole in the cupboards of the kitchen.
*Exterior Accessories
- 1 wooden deck
- 2 sunbeds
- 1 barbecue (lid opens)
- 2 sausages for the barbecue
- 1 wind turbine (Turn 360 °)
- 1 solar panel (Turn 360 °)
- 1 Cable antenna (Turn 360 °)
- 1 mailbox
- 1 envelope
- 2 large outdoor flower pots
- 1 outdoor trash cover
- 3 sorting bins (1 yellow, 1 green, 1 brown)
- 1 millennial tree
- 1 cedar
- 2 bushes
- 1 garden table with 4 chairs

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