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Spy Car with Gadgets - Classic 1962 Ford Zodiac



This is a Spy car based on a 1962 Ford Zodiac. I decided to create this as most Lego Spy Cars are built around the gadgets, on this the gadgets are built around the car. I had just built a Zodiac out of Lego and  decided to make him a spy car. Lego could easily release this with one of their 'Agents' ranges.


  • Video of features: 
  • 6 Blocks wide
  • 2 seats, steering wheel
  • Changing Number plates - could be adapted by Lego to their choice.
  • Retractable Bullet Proof Shield
  • Removable roof and 'Ejector' seat (Red button for ejector seat)
  • Opening Bonnet with engine underneath possibly a weapon could go here.
  • Grappling Hook

The wheels are from the Cars 2 car 'Holley Shiftwell'

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