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The Lord of The Rings - The Restoration of Anduril


The Restoration of Anduril

To defeat the army of Sauron, Aragorn must ask for help the king of ancient undead warriors. To success this mission he needs the ancient sword of Isildur, which was broken hundreds years ago. His beloved elven princess Arwen asks her father Elrond to restore the broken sword. Will he restore the sword and deliver it to Aragorn in time? All depends up to you!

Hello, guys! I want to introduce you my new LEGO creation "The Restoration of Anduril". This set is the part of "The Ancestors and Descendants" series, which will consist of three sets from "The Lord of the Rings" setting. The main idea of this series is to create the composition, where we can meet parents and children or other relatives together in interesting situation. Of course, these personalities and places are the part of Middle-Earth!

In current composition I reproduced the iconic part of Elrond’s house – the chapel, where the broken sword of Isildur is stored and the elven anvil with help of which the sword can be restored.

This set includes such accessories as hammer, torch, longsword and stone bust sculpture.

The set includes two minifigures: Elrond and his daughter Arwen.

The feature of this set is the possibility to combine it with the official LEGO set "The Council of Elrond" (79006). It can be connected to side part of elven colonnade, using connecting bricks.

Using additional minifigures we can reproduce the scene from film where two elves are forging the Anduril.

Or we can reproduce the scene where Boromir meets Aragorn near the pedestal with broken Narsil.

The video about this set (sorry for my not good English):

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