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Europa Mining: Survey Mech


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This is a "Sci-Fi" Europa Mining Survey Mech.

Due to future water shortage on Earth, scout teams were sent to various stars that has obtainable water. This particular squad was sent to survey Europa to scout for the availability of frozen water in a morbidly freezing -370 Fahrenheit. 

The mech is a bipedal. It comes with heating elements from the back to maintain the internal temperature/pressure. For armoring, it has been lightly clad to promote agility due to its nature as a scout. Other organic members of the party can easily communicate long range with the home base and read analysis through the easy hologramic interface on the front of the mech which is also doubled as the mech's face filled with sensors/probing mechanism. The satellite dish from the back unfolds to send data and coordinates about viable locations. After the Mech surveys the area and has given a green lit, a Beacon is placed to gather samples and to send the quality of inspection back to the home base.