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Crystalien Conflict: Mini Version


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This is a project based on the Lego Mars Mission game, Crystalien Conflict. The Mars Mission theme came out in 2007 and the game came out soon after. It was my lego online game. It was taken off the lego website so the only place to play it is here. The project is not based on the special ops missions, just the first ten.

This awesome image of the set was rendered by WipeoutZone. The set will come with the max amount of vehicles/buildings that you can get in the game.

Some interesting facts about the game.

650,000 game plays within the first two weeks after its release
20,000,000 game plays in first two years
Over 60% of players returned for more
Winner of NMA Effectiveness Award 2008 (Games catergory)
Top 10 global advergame of all time!

Top row from left to right: Claw Tank, Recon Dropship, Satellite Uplink, Radar Station, Technology Center, Astro Fighter, Defense Station, Trike, and Vehicle Factory

Bottom row from left to right: Training Camp, Power Plant, Eagle Command Base, Empulse Cannon, Miner, Infantry, Engineer, and a Crystal

In the comments tell me your favorites and which ones you think could be a bit better.

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