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Large Microworld Add-Ons


     When I saw the Minecraft Microworld set a few years ago, I wanted to make my own Minecraft themed set. Now, I've done just that with this design.

     This set contains four larger areas, all to scale with the Microworld sets.  They won't connect to those, but they don't need to.  It includes game-accurate details like end portals, ore, and minecart rails.  The micromobs included are Diamond Armor Steve, Notch (with cape), a Skeleton, Charged Creeper, Blaze, and a Wither Skeleton.  As for the rest of the set, two Overworld sections are included along with one End section and one Nether section.

     The cave includes a working torch (powered by a light brick) and the Nether has Glowstone (also powered by a light brick).  Steve's house contains a bed, End Portal, and Skyblock.  The End contains multiple Obsidian Pillars and the End Exit Portal.  In the pictures, you can check out some of the Micromob designs and the designs for Notch's cape and the Eye of Ender.  Thank you for viewing my project, and (hopefully) supporting it to make it a reality!

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