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Winter Village Police Station


 This is a police station for a village or town in winter. The brick count is around 1000. The building itself is 20 by 12 studs with a 4 by 6 stud entrance.The building consists of 2 floors with 5 rooms: main room, interrogation room, boss room, mini laboratory and the prison. On the rooftop, there is a helipad .This building is supposed to have both old and new architecture combined. The brown part is supposed to represent the brick style building and the entrance is the part that has been renovated.

 Aside from the main building, there is a car, motorcycle and a music band. I am not good at making cars but I think it turned out okay. The music band consists of 3 police officers. There is also a boy listening to the music. Nobody except the dog has realized that the prisoner has broken out of his cell with the help of a criminal and is going down the ladder.

 This would be a great set for the existing winter village series. It is good because the building is complete but is not as big as the modular buildings and so it is cheaper. I predict the price range of this building to be around $100.

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Thank you.

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