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LEGO Tiltrotor

The Inspiration
Really passionate in aeronautics and space, the idea of creating a civil Tiltrotor as the future of flight inspired us.
The chance of having a machine that is the best combination between a helicopter and an airplane in the world!
The Idea
To create a model of the new way of flying over our sky.
The Design
The Tiltrotor has been designed considering the shape of a business aircraft, keeping proportion between wings and central body.
Studs: W 20 x L 21 x H 7
Inch: W 6.4 x L 7.1 x H 2.4
cm: W 16.5 x L 18.0 x H 6.4
Total Parts: 115.
Modifications: added main and nose landing gears, changed the paint (from red to blue), improved fairing on the central fuselage, added left hand side windshield (looking from the back), increased the size of the propellers.

If you are a fan and passionate of aeronautics and flight, please support this project. 
Thank You.