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Clash of Clans


Isn't the Elixir Storage a workplace hazard?

Here comes the vinepisode #4 - "Isn't the Elixir Storage a workplace hazard?". This time, featuring the Archer!

Gonna try Youtube this time around:


The wall breaker's origin story

Watch the wall breaker's origin story in this glorious 6-second video (otherwise known as a Vine) (<-- satisfaction guaranteed)



The goblin doing a gold bucket challenge, Clash of Clans style

Another day, another vine video.

There's no ice in the realm of CoC. (until they discover the freeze spell in the future)

So the troops decided to accept the ice bucket challenge, but replacing ice with gold.

Video here: (<-- worth the one click guarantee)

P.S. Lego Ideas could you please accept Vine embeds? Lego stop motion is so fun!



Being a giant at a town hall meeting is not... ideal

Trying this vine thing for the very first time! Pardon the shaky cam. Need a tripod. 


What's in the town hall?

Ever wondered what's in the town hall?

Here's my version of it:

  • Weapons rack - there's a spear, but nobody uses it
  • A picture of P.E.K.K.A - everyone is obsessed with this mysterious unit
  • A map - for planning the next attack
  • Trophies - obsession #1
  • Chest of gold - obsession #2
  • Barrel of elixir - obsession #3 

And as posted before, a town hall meeting is in progress - the troops are planning the next attack! 

Any other suggestions about what could go in the town hall?


about a giant and his hair

I made the giant by customizing the hulk. From the structure standpoint, the only part that needed changing was the hair - I had to remove it and make him go bald.

Here he is with the rest of the troops. I love that he looks so imposing when compared to the other troops.

The reason that he isn't in the set? He was rejected by Lego :( Cue giant tears! (because of the rule that says all sets has to be 100% Lego parts)

I would still propose this as an optional figure, and if not, the second set in the series. The figure is using 90% of an existing mold (hulk), and although I don't know the exact process, I'm sure Lego has a way of doing something about that hair!


Builder's Hut

I initially built the builder's hut for the starter set, but decided not to include it. Didn't want the set to become too big and thus expensive. Besides, a set with too many buildings is tough to capture on camera nicely.

Including it also makes you ask questions: where is the builder? 

What do you think? Should the builder's hut be included in the starter set?