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Transforming Spaceship


This is my first lego ideas upload of a transforming spaceship which converts from a sleak fighter mode to a compact storage mode possibly a smaller component in a fleet of fighters or a larger interstellar carrier.

In the future I wish to substitute colourings to give a unique presence to each craft similar to that of an x-wing in star wars.

Due to the concise nature of the build it could provide a decent basis for larger customised builds, or perhaps open a gateway to customisation while using minimal parts therefore it would keep costs down and more compatable with basic bricks which can be found lying around. The build is relatively durable based of a moc I built so would be fun for imaginative play and displays,  possibly in a group to eliminate all enemys in the squadrons way !

This was designed via lego digital designer and moc images can be added on request, but may not be great quality.

Thank-you for looking at my design and any suporters can not be thanked enough 

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