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Level 1: Julius Caesar Defends the Roman Forum

THE ANCIENT WORLD: Comparison Versus the Online Game


Like a trooper, I smashed my way through all of the levels of the "Lego Minifigures Online Video Game".  It is a lot of fun, and I especially wanted to see the Mythology Level, because it's the only world in the entire game that has not been made into real Lego sets yet... Granted, they've got a lot of cool new heads for monsters in there, but looking at the architectural builds and the vehicles, I gotta say, I really honestly like mine better... I like my temples better, and mine has realistic monuments, battle artillery, chariots, boats, Wonders of the World, etc... I'm not sure if the models in the game were designed by FunCom or by Lego themselves, but either way, let's make sure this page passes 1000 before spring, so Lego will see it officially!!  =D

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With just about 7 months left to go until the critical deadline, it looks like TJ Spencer's "Natural History Museum", and Senteosan's "Bricksauria" will both reach 10,000 on their current momentum...

After that, it will be perfect if Strider's "Medusa's Temple" picks up some needed speed to become the first Ancient Greek themed playset to pass, and if my "Julius Caesar Defends the Roman Forum" set here picks up more speed to become the first Ancient Roman themed playset, since it is now definitively the highest-ranked and the fastest-moving Roman minifigure playset on all of Lego Ideas!

We are on the verge of 500 right now, and as long as it gets above 500 or 1000 before the spring-time, I know that the whole Lego Fanbase will swoop in to do a last-minute burst of voting, and at that point anything that has gotten over 500 or 1000 will get a ton of last-minute consideration and last-minute votes…!  We all know these sets should have happened in the '80s, so let's make them happen now!!

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Yes, the Rome set is definitely picking up a lot of steam now... It is now the highest ranked minifig playset in the Roman World, and it is now well into the top 5% of all sets on Lego Ideas. Please help this get above at least 1,000, so that Lego will officially see it, and so that there is a chance that the community can rally it up to 10,000 in the final few months of voting before the April deadline! =D

Sorry if I haven't had a lot of time to reply to all of the comments. I am just working on my software, finances, and finding true love!

Thanks to everyone!


Chosen by one of the Lego Moderators, Sara Moore, as a Featured Project of the Week on ReBrick!



This set was chosen by one of the Lego Moderators, Sara Moore, as a Featured Project of the Week on ReBrick!

Wow, Thanks for the support...  It's a true honor!  =D

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