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Caribbean Vacation - Diving, Pirates & Banana Boat!


Enjoy. build and play your holiday with a Caribbean feeling - relax on the beach promenade, go diving, fish, shopping, visit a Caribbean pirate museum, relax in the hotel or make a banana boat splash tour - yes exactly - banana boat!

Everything is possible with this great MOC. It consists of 2921 stones on a base 48 x 32. 2 buildings, a street / beach promenade and contain 8 minifigures as well as pirate figures from the museum and divers figures from the shop as well as a lot of accessories and interior. The set is built in three levels:

1: The water and/or promenade

2: Ground floor hotel with seating area and reception and ground floor of the shop with diving, boat and fishing equipment - for everyone what he needs!

3: First floor hotel with hotel room and upper floor with the pirate museum.

The main characters of this set are:
- Tourist family - Woman and son make vacation and father makes pictures
- shop salesman - knows about diving and equipment
- Surfer-girl - waiting for the right wave
- Surfer-Boy - driver of the motor boat for the banana boat
- Island Girl - owns the small hotel is for the guests
- Museum Guide - Shows you the horrors of the Caribbean in its museum - with many models and props of the rough seafaring era.

The buildings are modeled on the Caribbean feeling and can also be adjusted as necessary and brought back into the great pirate and trading time.

Hop you enjoy my project and support / share to make this Caribbean dream come through

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