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The Minifigure Brick (Minifigs Not Included)

Who doesn't love collecting minifigures? I mean, be honest, aren't they one of the coolest parts of a set?!? But then comes the question, what is the best way to organize them? Introducing, the Minifigure Brick.

The Minifigure Brick is designed to hold 48 of your favorite minifigures. Each minifigure part is stored on unique, super-cool, brick-built organizers. The heads are stored on a mesmerizing spinner (my favorite part of the build). The legs are securely attached to two double-sided walls. All 48 hairs/hats are on a rack with four rotating pillars. The torsos are on four removable columns (my second favorite part of the build). Those awesome toppers like the hot dog and corn cob which just make a minifigure also have their place inside the brick. Last but not least, the studs on top are removable, revealing storage compartments for accessories.

I think that this would make an amazing LEGO set. It is important to note though, that the Minifigure Brick does not come with 48 minifigures. I just had them all in the photos to show what the Minifigure Brick can do, but not as part of the set. The Minifigure Brick is for you to organize your collection of minifigures in a really cool way.