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The Lord of the Rings - The Fishing on Brandywine


The Fishing on Brandywine

On a weekend mister Bilbo Baggins took his young nephew Frodo on fishing. While Bilbo tries to catch some fish, using boat and fishing rod, Frodo awaits him on pier with large bag in which they will put the fish. As soon as Bilbo caught the first fish, another began to nibble a lure! It seems that hobbits will have today a great dinner!

Hello, guys! I want to introduce you my new LEGO creation "The Fishing on Brandywine". This set is the part of "The Ancestors and Descendants" series, which will consist of three sets from "The Lord of the Rings" setting. The main idea of this series is to create the composition, where we can meet parents and children or other relatives together in interesting situation. Of course, these personalities and places are the part of Middle-Earth!

In current set I reproduced the scene where Bilbo Baggins and his young nephew Frodo are fishing on Brandywine River. The Brandywine is the largest river, flowing in the Shire. This event was not shown in the film nor described in the book, but it could possibly happen between the events in "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings".

The composition consists of the Brandywine waterside with wooden pier, tree and wooden fence and the tiny hobbit fishing boat. The boat could be docked to the pier using a chain. Also we have here such accessories as a fishing rod, a bucket, two fishes and a bag.

The set includes two minifigures – Bilbo Baggins and young Frodo Baggins.

Using the decorations from this set and the additional minifigures of four hobbits and nazguls, we can reproduce the episode from the film, where hobbits escape from black riders using Brandywine ferry.

The video about this set (sorry for my not good English):

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