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Brickens Street Mall

This project is proposing to add some zest into everyone's Lego City.

The set idea comes with 5 small detailed shops, with shop-fronts that line up to create a small street mall.

We have included a variety of types in our photos - this fictional brick (Brictional) mall is called Brickens Street Mall and further photos can be found in the link below.

The set could come with a variety of minifigures to suit each shop location as well as, to spoil us, a couple of shoppers.

Each shop comes with brick-built interiors, as well as a street item to sit out the front.

No two buildings are alike in details, ideas, shapes - only the baseplates (8x16) are the same across the brictional Mall.

This is to give a consistency in base size, but a variety of building techniques for the walls.

Other ideas for shops that haven't yet been built are:
Fish 'n Chip shop
Travel Agency
Library/Book Store
Internet Cafe
Lego Store

More photos at our Flickr Brickens St Mall

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