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The New West space bandit chase

this set would have one large covered wagon inspired hovercraft, one medium speeder and a small speederThis set takes place in a world similar to Firefly i made the set around the scarecrow it evolved into a space western on a planet that is covered in eternal sandstorm. The habitable area above the sandstorm would be called Big Sky. The plot would start out like this. someone down on the surface is sending out thousands of militarized farming, construction and household cleaning and cooking robots to pillage and steal parts from the overworlders vehicles and flying islands

He is treasure hunter seaching for some thing precious to him that was stolen by the mad tinkerer.

Russel and shambles on their covered wagon, Shambles was created by the mad tinkerer to pillage, russel was a animatronic robot at a theme park until the mad tinkerer gave him a brain. capture them "alive" to interrogate them to learn the mad tinkerers location. If this were to become a set all of the skulls on the mad tinkerer minions would be painted like sugar skulls

Sheriff and bounty hunter.

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