Product Idea |

Ocean Tidepool

The Subject:
     As everyone knows, the oceans are full of life, both animal and plant. But what about on the beach? And in the tidepools located there? They, I believe, are like a miniature ocean, albeit without the deep sea animal. For example, you can find animals, ones such as starfish and crabs.

The Details:
     In this set I have made a model of a life sized tidepool. This highly detailed 1,999 piece set is very accurate (except for the lack of brick built water, which I excluded for ease of viewing). It includes both realistic colors and animals, and an accurate size.

The life:
     The life in the tidepool in this set is both plant and animal, although I excluded ones less likely to be found in your generic tidepool (such as cephalopods and other temporary visitors). The animal life is as follows: 2 starfish, 1 crab, 2 sea anemones (1 large and 1 small), 3 brain corals, and 16 fish. For plants, there's 2 types of seaweed (yellow and brown).

The Why: 
     I built this set as part of  my aspiration towards becoming a marine biologist (more specifically, an ichthyologist), and I believe this would make a great set because it is an accurate model based on something familiar for those who live near an ocean.

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