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The Legend of Zelda - Faron Woods


This is my Second Zelda themed project and once again it is based on Skyward Sword. This set recreates the location of Faron Woods, the first of the areas beneath the clouds that Link comes across on his travels.

This set has Four minifigures. Link with Sword and Shield. Fi, which I'm really pleased with as I was able to replicate her arms using the Chicken suit guys' torso. A Bokoblin which uses one of the alien heads from the alien conquest theme and a Goron which is made up of pieces from the TMNT theme.

There are other charcters which are brick built. We have two Deku Babas one with a blue mouth, one with a yellow mouth. Then we have a Kikwi, which is basically a penguin from the friends theme with an antenna on it's head. Two Crows and one Octorok.

This set contains three of Links items from the game. As well as his sword and shield, Link can also use the Beetle, The Gust blower and the slingshot. In the image showing these items there is also a small tree which has two mushrooms for the crows to stand on as well as a place for the Octorok to be.

The main focus of this set is the huge tree. The tree can open up to reveal a platform for Link to jump on. This platform can be pushed in and out of the tree in order for the tree to be closed. Once Link gets back out off the tree on the higher platform he can walk up higher avoiding the bat hanging from the branch and can jump off at the top. The jumping platfom works similarly to the one in the Mirkwood Elf Army. You flick the platform and it sends link flying.

Well that pretty much sums it up, although there are a few details that I have not mentioned. I think I'll let you discover them for yourself. If you like this project please give it you're support and let me know if you think there is something missing. I look forward to reading your comments.


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