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Jamanakai Village


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This is Ninjago’s Jamanakai Village, where once Cole placed a Serpentine Staff into the fountain to heal the village, and before that, when Maya used the same fountain to attack the Serpentine. The village is shown time and time again through the seasons, when Lloyd first stole candy, and when Kai and Nya were running from the police, when they acquired their new bikes. Jamanakai Village has always been there, and always in trouble. This build consists of the Royal Blacksmiths, a village guard, a tea shop, and kids playing ball, just like when Lloyd was watching from above, dreaming of being a normal kid. The whole build, including the people, numbers the bricks at just under 3,000. This also includes custom stickers for the doors.

When I was a kid, Ninjago was the main TV show I always watched with my twin sister and family, but we stopped after season 2. Later in life, well into my teens, my family got Netflix. My sister and I discovered that it had Ninjago and all the new seasons we had never seen yet, so we binged watched it. After the third time watching it, I noticed that Jamanakai Village keeps coming back, so I decided to take some time to build it in LEGO. It turned out great, and I wanted to include people not in sets yet, like the Royal Blacksmiths and the village guard who fought with Wu and Garmadon against the Anacondrai.

I believe that this would be an excellent set for LEGO shelves because Jamanakai Village has not yet become one. Yet, it is still a big piece of Ninjago history. So please, let this through and become a set, so it can stand next to other Ninjago builds, still part of the history.

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