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The Rainbow Skatepark


Here i want show you my first project to Lego Ideas i hope you will like it :)
For first i want a create something that lego city dont have , and i found it! it was a skatepark so i decide to create it,it wasnt easy for sure but i do it !

This skatepark have a rainbow stars that will bring your minifigures to a long rainbow ramp also this skatepark have a little room where you can give your skateboards,ofcourse i want put a graphitti stickers on the walls in this room but i dont know how to do it ( maybe i cant in this program? :( anyway if you like it please support me ! you will make me a lot happy . Thanks! 

2 minifigures with skateboards , 111 pages to build it.

Created in Lego Digital Designer.


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