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Train Station


This Train Station is specially designed to give Lego Builders a new option to build big roofs that look similar to big glass roofs used in international big train station`s

such as Cologne, Berlin, Chur or Milano centrale.

The wagon`s and figures are decoration, only and not part of this project.

Since long time I tried to establish such construction and never found a solution. Finally the Idea came up and I ordered new bricks and combined with my old ones from the 70`s. Thats why some bricks have different color. The final option of this project might be the combination of 2 or 4 station to one big building and/or adding an entrance hall with ticketoffice and shops. Generally the station fits for all 9, 12 and 4,5 Volt track systems and engines or wagon`s.

Another color like tan or grey might be nicer, but unfortunately I have limited brick options.

This model consumes lot of special material, but I suspect big market, since trainsystems is one of the most popular LEGO themes. 

Maybe there is a chance to establish a second model to be build from this model, like market hall or factory.

Please vote for this project.

Please let me know, once something is unclear.

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