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NFL All-Stars: Travis Kelce

The second rendition in the NFL All-Stars Line up is... Travis Kelce! Also playing for the Kansas City Chiefs this legendary Tight End has seen a fair few TDs in his time.  Hopefully, he can still make those conversions while in Brickheadz's form. :D

Back to why I built it section. Like I said in my other NFL All-Stars build (You should totally go check that out), I have been waiting a long time for LEGO and the NFL to do a collab and by making these Brickheadz I feel together we can make that a reality. Step one though is to get to 10,000. More on the build, I decided to create Kelce before he shaved his head because I think he looks cool like that. He didn't have any other features I could design like Patrick's signature bandana, however, he is as accurate as I feel he can get. 

Again, I believe that this could start a whole new sports chapter with LEGO, if this were to go through I would be ecstatic, but what would really make me happy is the possibility of more collaborations. Maybe stadiums, maybe football helmets I don't know, but the future seems exciting. I feel that this set would make a great Brickheadz set alongside some other NFL All-stars. Visit my profile to see more. :D

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Swamy D.

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