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VT-49 Decimator


Through history of LEGO Star Wars, The LEGO Group has made thousands of vehicles, places and star ships. For example, we have seen 4 AT-AT walkers, not even counting the polybags and Micofighter. But there are still a lot of new LEGO Star Wars models to make.

One of the star ships that has never been translated into LEGO bricks, is the VT-49 Decimator. This vessel has never been seen in the movies or TV series, but has appeared in a few games. I mainly got in touch with the VT-49 because of the game Star Wars: Commander. After doing some research on Wookieepedia, I found out this could be a great LEGO set for kids who want to play, adults who like to build and minifig-collectors who want unusual minifigs for their collection.

The model is 52 studs (416 mm) long, 37 studs (296 mm) wide on the widest point and 15 studs (120 mm) high on the highest point. It contains, including minifigs and accessories, 1145 bricks. Since the model has almost the same amount of pieces as the 75054 AT-AT, a price of €120,- (£90,- and $130,-) would be acceptable. Remember, if the LEGO Group decides to make a VT-49 set, the measurements, piece count and price can be different.

Because I couldn’t find any information about the inside of the VT-49, I decided to keep it simple: A front section with the pilots and commander and a back section for the troops.

Functions and stuff:

  • Front section can be opened up for access to the cockpit, where is place for a pilot and a gunner. Behind the pilot seats is a place for the commander.
  • The door on the back can be opened to load the troopers in, or open the whole back section for better access.
  • Landing gear to let the vessel stand sturdy when it’s not in space.
  • 2 spring-loaded missiles under the wings.
  • Use the weapon rack to store weapons, tools and helmets. The rack has place for 12 weapons/tools and three helmets. Even if it is removed (what is very easy), the rack looks like a proper rack.
  • Including a hologram for the commander.
  • Including 3 small blasters, 2 medium blasters, 1 long blaster, 2 brick-built long blasters, 1 spanner and 1 electrobinuculars. This means there are more than enough accessories for every minifigure.

The (current) model contains 6 minifigures. Note that the figures in the pictures are made by using the printings given by the LDD software. Most of the torso printings will probably be changed, faces will be different and helmets get printing if this becomes a product. Here’s a list of the minifigs and their description:

  • 2 TIE Pilots, who control the VT-49 Decimator. They are basically the same as the TIE Pilots we already know. When they aren’t controlling the ship, they can hold a small blaster for protection.

  • 1 Commander. This nameless guy is the man who gives orders to the pilots and troops. In the VT-49 Decimator is a nice place for him to stand and to talk to the hologram, which can be attached and detached from the spaceship.

  • 2 Phase II Dark Troopers. These guys haven’t been in any other set (yet). The story tells they are robots with special Stormtrooper armour. The minifigs have special backpacks with a gun on it, simulating the rocket-launching thing from the ‘real’ Dark Trooper.

  • 1 Jump Trooper, also exclusive to this set. This figure is, like the Dark Troopers, based on a trooper from Star Wars: Commander. Instead of using a standard jetpack from the Republic Jet Trooper, this one has a game-accurate, brick-built jetpack. To simulate he’s flying, the Jump Trooper comes with a little transparent stand.

I hope you guys like this idea, and I hope you take the time to support this project. Feel always free to give feedback in the comment section. Share this with all your friends who like LEGO Star Wars, who like LEGO spaceships and who like Star Wars or LEGO in general. (And if your friends don’t like LEGO or Star Wars, send this project to them – maybe this will show them how awesome the LEGO Star Wars universe is!)

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