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Rhett & Link's - Good Mythical Morning


this particular model is based of-of season 13-14

Keep in mind this set is set is a complete concept and if it does reach 10,000 it will be remodeled by the potential designer. But if you were to ask me if I had an estimate on the number on pieces I would say about 1200 bricks including minifigs. 

The Minifigures shown in the renderings are Rhett and Damnyell, Link, Stevie, Alex, Chase(easter bunny) and Cotton Candy Randy.

I have exaggerated a lot of the features on Rhett basing them of-of his season 13 style and links season 13-14 greyish hair.

the set can be split into four parts the main on-screen set, the middle area, the section with the sliding door, and the far right part with the couch and fireplace. if you feel that I should add on to it constructive criticism is encouraged in the comments. if you do follow the set or not please make sure to check the updates tab for any future info on the set.

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