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The Witch Tower


The Witch Tower has 3 floors and a roof. In the first floor you find tables with potions made by the witch. In the second floor there is a cage with a kid inside. In floor number 3 there is a cauldron to make new potions and witchery. Finally, at the roof there is a crystal ball for the witch to see what is happening at any place. You can separate the floors easily and stack them together again.

I decided to build this project because when I discovered this page I first wanted to upload a fighter jet but I could not. I inspired myself with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz because The Wicked Witch of the West looks like my witch. Also I wanted to build it because I wanted to know if people would like my ideas. Besides I love the Harry Potter saga, so since it is all about witches and wizards it also helped me inspire.

I think The Witch Tower would make a great LEGO set because:

1). It is easy to stack and separate.

2). It has an opening and closing door feature.

3). It is Fun to play with.


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