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Finn Army: Roberto's Outpost!


Evil Storbert is out to steal the Grindstone at Roberto's Outpost!

Roberto's Outpost is a Finn Army set I have come up with. Finn Army is an original idea, keep in mind, so plenty of whimsical elements have been thrown in to help stop Herbert Storbert from making off with the magical Grindstone!

  • Fire the Gold Studs from the Twin Stud Shooters!
  • Stop Robotic Finn from tricking everyone into thinking he is the real Finn!
  • Fire Robot Finn's Stud Shooter Laser and Crossbow!
  • Move the Tank Chair around to look around the Outpost!
  • Fire the Stud Shooter off of Storbert's Flying Bot's head!
  • Includes Figures of (from left to right, bottom to top):
    • Stordrone
    • Robo Finn
    • Davis Finlay
    • Samuel Edwin
    • Doctor Ash Roberto
    • Herbert Storbert
    • Storbert's Robot

Please support this project, it took me a while to make, and I would appreciate all the support I can get to make Finn Army real!

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