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The Complete Collection of Air/Space Crafts


The Complete Collection

This collection has spaceships that are same in structure but different in style. The Helicopter may not be made for space, but in earth's atmoshpere it sails the skies with pride. The two spaceships are fast and durable, even though they are in space. They are very similar in structure because of the way the bodies are designed. The differences that they have are shown in their design. One is shown with brown outlines that show what "squadron" it would represent and the other brags of a slick, black design. The two micro scale ships are designed for space and are also structured the same but their colors are different making this whole set more amusing because of the difference in colors, playing an important role in visual pleasure. Hopefully...

  • This collection consists of maybe about 300 pieces. 
  • No stickers would be applied for these creations but new Minifigure designs would be needed. Obviously. Haha
  • Thanks in advance for anyone who supports!!!!

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