Steel striker MkII

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This MkII version the enhancment of Steel Striker convertible. It's a mini set made by ~80 bricks of Star wars & technic sets. If you are interested in the previous version, please visit it at:

The enhancement of this version contains mainly:
- Adding ARF trooper as the driver
- Optimized structure of feet
- Adding personal protection device, a micro force generator on the right shoulder (there is usually no protection on clone troopers for small walkers in Star wars, so I decided to make something different, something more humanitarian ^_^

More pictures from different angles

Summary of other features, same of previous version:
- Laser eye in the front
- Gatling gun on right shoulder
- Small laser gun on left wrist
- 2 short-rage cannon right besides thigh
- Stealth globular radar besides the Gatling gun
- Enhanced armo on the back and besides knees

Transforming is the key to make this model unique. In Star wars, trooper on the walker is usually hard to survive, so the purpose of this model is ... with a remote control, it can convert into robot mode, and fight without trooper!

Steel striker is not an existing model in Star wars movies, but the spirit of Star wars is right to explore unlimited world! I sincerely hope Steel striker can be one actor of the potential new movie "Star wars, the unknown stories ..."

Last picture below is showing a glance of the previous version, where you may find details via

Again, sincerely hope you like it, and Thank you for your interests & support!

Enjoy LEGO!