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Rock Band Tour Bus


Here is the second addition to my Rock Band projects and, as you can see, it is a Tour Bus. It would go very well with the stage that I've already built.

It is 22 studs long, 8 studs wide and is made on 270 bricks. It includes:

  • 5 seats (2 of which are 2x2 plates, as the singer and bass player's hair wouldn't fit with the normal seats!)
  • A steering wheel
  • A dashboard with dials
  • A gear stick
  • A opening door on the side
  • Opening doors at the back
  • Instruments in the back

The minifigures are:

  • A singer
  • A guitarist
  • A drummer
  • A bass guitarist
  • A driver

I had to change the bass guitarist's hair for this set, as his old hair didn't fit.

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