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Two-Face's Two-Faced Getaway Car

Lego Cuusoo allows individuals to create a page about their proposed idea for a Lego set. Once the proposed idea attains 10,000 supporters, it is then reviewed by the Cuusoo team who then decide on whether or not to produce it. Please help me by supporting my projects.

Two-Face's Two-Faced Getaway Car is constructed out of a mere 96 pieces. Unlike Two-Face's other vehicles this two tone appearance is accomplished solely with bricks.

Two-Face's Two-Faced Getaway Car has two steering wheels and a swivel chair, allowing Two-Face to switch directions with the flip of a coin.

Lego has produced a 1x2 all white vehicle steering stand with a white steering wheel. I do not own one and I am not willing to spend $16.00 to $20.00. It is part 3829c04.

It would be easy to produce this model in any two colors, such as orange and purple to match the current version of the Two-Face minifigure.

Please support my project and feel free to offer comments.

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