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City Aquarium Modular


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Every city needs a place to visit, and what better than the living aquarium that both adults and children enjoy!

The City aquarium is loaded with many features and details.  I have designed several different versions varying in size and pieces in order to fit the modest standards held by the Ideas platform.  As your minifugures enter the front doors to each, they literally walk in and through the aquarium to explore these amazing things inside:

Full Aquarium Modular (2420 pieces)

  • Giant two story aquarium with tons of sea life inside including: a sand castle, three schools of fish, sea turtle, shark, octopus, snail, crab, clam, stingray, fish and diver cleaning the tank
  • Four smaller tanks with fish, turtles and eels inside them
  • Interactive tank where minifigures can touch starfish
  • Gift shop where minifigures can purchase souvenirs
  • Detailed floor with giant octopus design on main level
  • Detailed sidewalk with benches
  • Apartment on the third floor which includes: king sized bed, dresser and alarm clock, kitchen table and chairs, flat screen TV, oven and cupboard and a detailed bathroom
  • Maintenance room which includes: three water pumps to keep the aquarium running, a chemical table to keep the water stable for the fish and fish food for them, a workbench to keep up with repairs, scuba gear and diving hole to enter the aquarium and take care of the fish
  • Grand spiral staircase surrounded by the aquarium taking guests up to the second floor to see the other fish and look down into the aquarium from above
  • Seven minifigures

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