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Dear LEGO Enthusiasts,

first of all congratulations to

But with all the 80s cars getting voted, we cannot miss the most famous!
This is were "ORION PAX" has something special in mind!
Michael Knight with his car K.I.T.T. would make for a fantastic LEGO Cuusoo set,right?
So here you go and vote for a LEGO Cuusoo K.I.T.T. set!

The set should include a Michael Knight minifigure and a minifigure scale
Pontiac Firebird in black with all of K.I.T.T.s features like the red light scanner
in the front and a tan interior.

I think the size of the model you see here is already matching the scale
of the LEGO Cuusoo DELOREAN and would only add to a fantastic collection of 80s rides,
including the ECTO-1 which is coming to market soon!

Please make sure to visit my gallery of Knight Rider creations on:

and now to the voting button, to give the world its first LEGO talking car!

Thank you for your attention my friends!

With kind regards

Alex " Orion Pax" Jones

I remember watching KNIGHT RIDER in my childhood,
which were the 80s. My mum used to say:
"Alex before watching KNIGHT RIDER, make sure to make ready for bed,
because after it, you have to go to sleep!"
So at weekends i spend hours on trying to build KITT from the black parts
i had from my Blacktron base.
Like ECTO 1 or several COLT SEAVERS GMCs i never could get it to a level
where i was happy with the results.
So after years of building LEGO it is most natural to go back to where you came from.

It is fantastic seeing so many of my beloved 80s memories becoming LEGO sets.
How long has the world waited for a LEGO Simpsons set?

So i see it in my responsibility to keep that beloved era in my life alive !

It would be amazing if you could share my passion and spread the word
ORION PAX has his first idea ready to vote on LEGO CUUSOO !

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